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Apply online for free and take the test

Everything starts with an application. It’s free and requires the same information you need to apply for a job. Our online application process takes about fifteen minutes, and once you’ve completed our application process, you’ll be a Fasco preferred candidate, ready to be matched with employers looking for workers like you.


Interview with Fasco and potential employers

Now that you’ve applied, we’ll work to match you with jobs. We will conduct an initial interview with you. In this interview, we’ll ask you basic questions about why you are applying for the job and your work history. Then, when we’re ready to match you with a job, your potential employer will interview you.


Complete drug screen and on-boarding paperwork

Once we’ve found a job, you’ll have to complete a drug screen and onboarding paperwork. This is the final step before you become a Fasco employee. Congratulations, you’ve gotten hired! Most employees who maintain a professional attitude and get the job done are hired on as permanent employees within a few months. Ready to get started?

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