Fasco was established in 1957 by a local woman named Ruth Fassezke. Mrs. Fassezke started Fasco Office Services out of her home as a clerical temporary placement company. She was a pioneer in the industry as she created the first employment agency in Lenawee County.

For the first 30 years, Fasco rapidly expanded, helping local businesses by placing clerical workers in temporary positions throughout Lenawee County. Fasco was there to help not only the companies find employees in a temporary situation but to also help the employees find what turned in to long time careers for many.

In 1982, Jan Stevenson started working for Ruth. Jan worked side by side with Ruth and was able to learn the business through the years.

In 1989, Jan and her husband Frank purchased Fasco after Ruth passed away. They quickly began expanding the business even further to include a new division, Fasco Industrial Services, focusing on industrial placements. 

Fasco as a whole quickly grew and was expanded to include the Jackson and Lansing areas.

In 2001, Fasco was purchased from Jan and Frank by their daughter, Jolene Bowles. Jolene strived to maintain the family, hometown atmosphere. She focused on helping other small businesses in the community, just like Fasco. In turn, Jolene consolidated the three offices into one office to be able to focus on her priority…quality over quantity.

Through the years, Fasco has focused on maintaining the one-on-one attention with their employees. As other agencies around Fasco became more focused on getting the positions filled as fast as they could, Fasco focused on getting to know the employees thoroughly through testing and interviews BEFORE they were considered for any positions. Having this personal attention has allowed Fasco to focus on providing companies with a higher quality and more well rounded employee as well as finding positions for our employees that they love. This in turn leads to lower turnover and higher hire in rates amongst our employees.

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, Jolene took some time to really look at where things were headed in the future. Instead of sprawling brick-and-mortar expansion, Jolene focused on online automation. She quickly realized that many companies were working from home and with the changes that came from the pandemic, wondered why Fasco couldn’t do the same. She researched and researched and realized that there were no other strictly online employment agencies not only in the area, but in the country!

With having an online only employment agency, there were many hurdles for Jolene to overcome, especially if she wanted to maintain the family atmosphere with an emphasis on quality. Jolene invested in internal online automation with a focus on making things easier for current and potential employees as well as a more streamlined process for her staff, and she needed to do all of this with little to no interruption for her clients and how they do things. Her focus is not only on creating a strong internal team that treats each other, their employees and their customers like family, but to do so in way that would not jeopardize the quality that she strives for.

So this is where things are today. We are still in the process but well on our way! Changes are in motion and the excitement is high. The common phrase that is spoken often in the office is the sky is the limit! We have no idea where this ride will take us but everyone can be rest assured that Jolene and her staff are focused on maintaining the family atmosphere with the expectations of high quality. We will continue to stay forward-thinking and strive to bring better and better service to our customers and employees. We are committed to bringing Fasco into the future, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!