Looking for a Job? Try Fasco Job Placement Services

Fasco's job placement services have helped people find jobs in Southeastern Michigan since 1957. No longer just a "temp service", Fasco works with employers to find qualified employees for temporary positions, part-time positions, and even full-time employment throughout Lenawee County and the surrounding areas.

Fasco Employment Solutions has a long history of assisting employees in finding positions they are qualified for. The pay rates for the jobs are many times the same as to similar positions through private corporate hiring practices.

There are additional benefits in working through Fasco job placements. The Fasco team selects and honors an "employee of the month" to recognize and reward outstanding personnel. Fasco employees receive assignments at top companies throughout Lenawee County. Holiday pay and vacation pay are awarded after a specified number of hours are worked. Employees can receive additional training on computer programs, as well as referral bonuses for bringing more qualified candidates to the Fasco job placement pool.

Job Openings are Filled Quickly Through Job Placement Services

Employers everywhere are attempting to cut costs, and that often means that they want to try out positions before they add them permanently to their operating costs. Whether it is through downsizing challenges or start-up opportunities, position responsibilities are being combined and changed from what was considered normal even just a few years ago.

When an employer in Southeastern Michigan decides to fill a position, they are ready to act quickly, and they want qualified candidates to consider. This is where the job services provided by Fasco can help your career.

Fasco takes the time to know you, as their employee. They take time for a one-on-one meeting to understand your work successes, determine positions you may be qualified for, and match you to existing job openings. In-depth interviews are conducted, testing is administered, and references are checked. This extensive selection process ensures that you are considered for the top positions that you are qualified for.

Job Placement Used for Many Michigan Job Openings

Fasco employs thousands of people throughout Southeastern Michigan, in a variety of job openings. The job placement protocol they follow matches the skills, knowledge, and abilities of each employee to numerous job opportunities available. They also maintain a regular database of employee information, so that when there are new job openings in Lenawee County, placement can be accomplished quickly.

Administrative Job Placement Includes:

Data Entry Clerk
Desk Clerk
Office Assistant
Office Clerk
Light Industrial Job Placement Includes:

Assembly Worker
CNC Operator / Programmers
Forklift Operator
General Labor
Production Team
Truck Driver
Specialized Job Placement Includes:

Department Manager
Team Leader

If a business has a temporary service need, Fasco can fill that, plus just about any candidate placement service associated with that need!

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