Staffing Service That's Different

Fasco Employment Solutions is a staffing service specializing in employee recruitment, training, testing, evaluation, and on-site employment services. We aim to provide the best employment service for your budget by taking care of critical, yet incidental hiring requirements for you.

With over 50 years of experience providing quality staffing service to local businesses, we also recognize the need for innovation. We have adapted our employment solutions in response to our client needs, making sure we understand each market area in order to provide exceptional service. Fasco uses a specific and accurate computer testing software that can be programmed to evaluate any of your staffing needs.

Fasco's objective is to provide your company with the greatest return on your staffing investment. We meet that objective through unparalleled customer service, along with rigorous methods of recruitment and retention. Our streamlined communication protocol ensures that you have constant communication to update you on the progress of your staffing service request.

As a full-service employment agency, we are one of the only temporary services that offer free, in-house drug screening, with results in less than ten minutes. You want your job vacancies filled fast, and we developed procedures to make that happen. Your new employee can begin work either the same day or the very next day - no longer do you need to wait more than a week for drug screening results.

A Staffing Service with Guarantees and Assurances

We also provide a quality guarantee, that begins with our communication follow-up to ensure your satisfaction. As part of our regular staffing service, we facilitate ongoing consultations with the client company during the employee assignment. We also initiate a weekly work evaluation process, plus request a written evaluation of the employee every month.

Your company has the assurance of government compliance when you use Fasco's staffing service. We fully comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws. We provide all mandatory insurance coverage for temporary employees sent to your company. Each industrial applicant is required to be trained on safety communication and test on their knowledge in this area.

Companies Trust Fasco to Provide the Right Staffing Service Solutions

No matter what your employment needs are, Fasco is the right staffing service to find the solution. We take the time to tour your facility, understand your job description and position requirements, and analyze the specific skills needed for your position.

The hidden costs of hiring a full time staff member are covered when you use Fasco's staffing service instead:

You can also trust Fasco to keep your company identity confidential throughout the applicant screening process.

Fasco's staffing service solutions are continually evolving into the employment services trusted by Michigan businesses.

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